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Become First Elephant self-storage partner. Benefit from the advantages of a strong group. Invest, build and operate in self-storage! Information for investors, interested, newcomers and partners.

You want to build and / or operate a self-storage? We offer cooperation opportunities, partnerships, self-storage franchise concepts and investment opportunities for newcomers, visionaries, property owners and investors.

self storage development

Development – We develop/build your sustainable self storage facility!

When realizing a self-storage project, there are a few decisions that are crucial for the overall success of the project. These are all the more important when they are irreversible in later operation. 

This includes the choice of location. With our years of experience in the sector, we know all factors that are relevant for selecting the ideal location. In the analysis, we take into account numerous quantitative and qualitative variables that play a decisive role in the long-term success of the site.

In addition, the type of property, whether it is a new building or conversion, must meet the specific requirements of a self-storage company. Various factors such as the optimization of the leasable space, the box extension plan, the consideration of use-specific details as well as a fire protection concept that can be approved decide on the future success of the entire investment even before the opening. The professional support of traditional traits of building-owners as well as project management round off the timely and budget-oriented completion of the realization of your Self Storage facility.

Cooperation – Together we are more efficient!

We believe that as a strong team with many years of experience, operates much better than many individuals do on their own.

Online visibility. Our partners feel the advantage of a brand established in the self storage industry, especially in online marketing. The online visibility of a new location is already given before the opening of the site. It is constantly optimized with the help of our SEO specialists. Through us you can get in touch with customers through various channels. This secures your utilization and increases your market share.

Customer expectations have changed with increasing competition. We know what your customers want and we want to make them happy.

With our central helpdesk, we have developed a service that significantly increases the accessibility of your location. Specially trained employees advise on your behalf, guarantee fast response times and extra-long service hours. In addition, our individually deployed technology supports our local partners in their day-to-day business and gives them through our comprehensive reporting the opportunity to react to customer trends at short notice.

All in all, these benefits lead to faster growth and higher returns for each individual partner.

self storage operation

Operation – We support and optimise!

For more than 10 years we have been operating self storage facilities ourselves. We make this know-how available to our partners. The needs are as individual as our partners themselves.

If a partner needs support in the selection, training or further education of employees, he can rely on our proven recruiting and training concept. If someone else needs a solution for invoicing, payment processing and debt collection, our financial experts support you.

We have optimized solutions for verifying new customers, offering local management checks on site or optimizing routine processes. Whether a rental agreement needs to be extended, bank discussions on company financing or if there are problems with authorities – we can support you, be it revising the business plan, participating in negotiations or as sparring partner for preparation.

When we are called by our partners, we are there for you.

First Elephant – Leading through community!

We live Self Storage. We know how the industry works, we know the development potential, we offer you the overall concept from analysis, consulting and project planning to the finished operation.

We are a nationwide alliance of medium-sized, owner-operated self-storage companies with local focus. Together, we have more than 40 years of in-depth industry expertise. The combined knowledge, size and commitment increases the competitive advantage of all First Elephant partners in the growing market. We are a member of the Association of German Self Storage Corporations e.V. and build and operate according to Self Storage DIN EN 15696.

Since our foundation in April 2015, we have been able to convince numerous partners throughout Germany of our expertise. At present, we look after more than 6,500 modern storage boxes on a total area of 69,000 m² with 4,500 active customers at 22 locations.

Several properties are on the verge of opening – we continue to grow. Grow with us!

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